• Car repair:Hitsaajankatu 10, 00810 Helsinki

  • Mon-Fri: 8-18, Sat: 10-14 050 449 3320

  • Car repair:Niittylänpolku 7, 00620 Helsinki

  • Mon-Fri: 8-16 050 441 2103

  • Car paint:Sienitie 34, 00760 Helsinki

  • Mon-Fri: 9-17 050 471 1333

Accurate diagnosis
Professional mechanics
Quick maintenance
Satisfied customers

Since 2008 Paimolan Autokorjaamo repairs, washes and gives cars for a rent with the satisfaction guarantee.

Autosi huolellinen hulotaja

Care about your car

We specialize in the maintenance and repair of cars from all makers. You will get a professional diagnostics and personalized service.

Mekaanikka ammattitaitona

Professional mechanics

We repair cars following the rules of maintenance from the manufacturers. Specially trained mechanics will check the functionality of the car and necessary parameters.

Vaivatonta ajonauttimista

Pleasure of driving

Come to us to get your car working properly and reliably. The periodic maintenance saves your money on repairs.

Vaivatonta ajonauttimista

Affordable quality

Affordable prices for all services. The high-quality repair and friendly service.

Would you like to rent a car? Book a car by phone 010 231 0690

Facts about our company

12 cars

we repair every day.

300 cars

we repair each month.


of new customers come to us again.


of customers recommend us to friends.

Come to us. Great service for the reasonable price.
We guarantee reasonable prices to all our customers.